Welcome to the website of International Quality Packing B.V. your partner in packing conventonal and biological vegetables and fruit.

Who we are

International Quality Packing B.V. has been active within the fruits and vegetables sector since 1999 as a de AGF sector als verpakkingsbedrijfpackaging company for fresh van versproductsen. We have specialised in wrapping, repackaging and packaging vegetables and fruit. From our two branches, Waddinxveen and the renewed branch in Hazeldonk, we can supply a major part of Europe with wrapped vegetables and fruit. In addition to the packaging of conventional goods, we also package organic products. For this reason we have committed to the SKAL-certification A wide range of different machines, the Een breed scala aan diversebest quality systems and a skilled and flexible team ensure that the products are processed with due care and in as efficient a way as possible. It’s no coincidence that over the years we have become a reliable partner for wrapping, repackaging and packaging vegetables and fruit, always giving priority to quality.

What distinguishes us :
Diverse kinds of packaging