The branch in Hazeldonk was opened in 2010 and by a decreasing demand of soft fruits it has been growing ever since. Besides the regular wrapping, repackaging and packing services, the branch in Hazeldonk is specialized on soft fruits. Hazeldonk is situated directly south of Breda on the Belgian border and is, as such, quite appropriate for throughput towards France and Southern Europe.


The Hazeldonk branch now has 3,000m2 floor space and is also fully certified, meeting the requirements in the field of food safety.

Partly due to the demand for packed soft fruit there are now two sorting machines for blueberries one with integrated TopSeal. Thess machines are able to sort the products by colour, firmness and size. The machine park consists of:

  • Netting machines
  • Blue berrie lines
  • Flow pack machine

Just like at the main branch, here we can carry out a variety of repackaging tasks, without any involvement of machines.