Our Procedures

We have delivered wrapping, repackaging and packing services throughout Europe since 1999; domestically mostly to retail, supermarkets and wholesalers, outside our borders we deliver to retail chains and import companies. The packaged products can be transported in our own boxes, private boxes or reusable containers.

Within the summer season, many Dutch (greenhouse) vegetables are packed. These products, directly picked from the land or greenhouse, will be in shops within a short period of time.

Importers from Europe purchase fruit from overseas and have them cold stored, through the Rotterdam port, after which they are supplied to IQ Packing in phases. The company has two strategically located branches. The first one, in relation to Rotterdam and the German market, which most of the export is transported to, is in Waddinxveen and the second one is in Hazeldonk, which is suitable for the market in countries such as France. Pallet spaces can be rented in the Cold stores from our indoor neighbour, both in Waddinxveen and Hazeldonk in different temperatures, to store your goods. The advantage of this cooling facility is that the product to be packed arrives at the packaging area swiftly and in optimal condition. Also the entire logistic route can be taken care of.

In our conditioned warehouses, with a total of 7,500m2 (of which 4,500m2 is in Waddinxveen and 3,000m2 in Hazeldonk) we have a wide range of packaging machines. With these well maintained and easily adjustable packaging machines, we are able to quickly meet the customer’s demands.

The innovation within our company is a continuous process, the latest asset is a sorting machine. This is a machine, especially designed for processing blueberries and cherries. It is able to sort by colour, firmness and size after which the product can be packed in any desired packaging immediately.

We have motivated staff, who all have the same objective: quality and customer are central. Our first employees still work for our company and share expertise and years of experience with new employees. In addition, the expertise is obtained through courses, visiting trade fairs and packaging factories. The team is supplemented by a large group of permanent and flexible temporary staff in order to safeguard quality and work efficiently.

Obviously there is continuous dialogue between the manufacturers of packaging materials with regard to the commodities, packaging standards and applicability of the different trays, foils, punnets, nets, containers, bags, etc.

IQ Packing works in accordance with the IFS Food certified (International Food Safety standard). The IFS certificate is increasingly required, particularly by the German and French supermarkets.


If you have any questions or wishes, you are always welcome to contact us.