Within the world of vegetables and fruit there are endless ways of packaging. In order to meet the customer’s demands, IQ Packing has built a diverse machine park, which consists of: Flowpackers, Foodtainers, Net machines, a Machine for bags, a Sorting machine and a Sealing machine. Furthermore we do several manual wrapping, repacking and packing activities.The packaging can be provided with a desired label and bar code. In addition to the product packaging, also it can be decided which kind of containers the packages should be transported in, which could be the company’s own box or an IQ Packing unmarked black box. We also offer the possibility to pack your products in reusable containers.


By means of innovation we attempt to respond to the latest trends in the packaging of vegetables and fruit. Our latest asset is a sorting machine for blueberries and cherries. Being innovative does not only involve innovation of the machine park, but also looking at the use of trays, punnets, bags and foil. Regarding this, we frequently consult out suppliers.


Should you be interested or have specific wishes, please feel free to contact us.